Kings Lake Square

Naples, FL (MSA: Naples, FL)

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Kings Lake Square is located in Naples, Florida. The center underwent a redevelopment in 2014 that included new facades, sidewalks, lighting, landscape, and an improved parking configuration. In addition, Publix built a brand new 45,000 SF store that anchors the property.

Site plan & available space

  • B101 825 SF
  • A101 1,236 SF
  • B123A 1,430 SF
  • B123 1,816 SF

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Naples is currently experiencing some of the most significant economic growth of any area in the country. According to reports published by the US Census Bureau, Naples is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 4.1% through 2016, the fastest rate of any of the top 200 metro-areas in the United States. Much of this growth has been attributed to strong demand for residential construction supporting the area’s expanding affluent population.

Naples has recently witnessed a surge tourist activity. Collier County reported a 6.3% annual increase in tourism in 2014, whose economic impact now stands at more than $1.81 billion per year.

3 MI 5 MI 7 MI 10 MI
Population (2016)
60,632 125,915 171,954 244,684
Projected Population (2021)
63,275 133,797 184,342 264,251
Households (2016)
27,795 53,257 73,542 105,540
Average Household Income (2016)
68,290 83,888 88,559 93,878


Kings Lake Square is supported by an affluent population and surging local economy, which will help drive increased retail spending into the near future.

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