Kings Lake Square

Naples, FL (MSA: Naples, FL)

Location map

Kings Lake Square is situated along Florida State Route 84, one of the area's main east/west arteries connecting Naples to Interstate 75.  

The property is anchored by Publix.

Site plan & available space

  • B101 825 SF
  • B123 3,144 SF

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Naples is currently experiencing some of the most significant economic growth of any area in the country. According to reports published by the US Census Bureau, Naples grew at an annualized rate of 4.1% in 2016, the fastest rate of any of the top 200 metro-areas in the United States. Much of this growth has been attributed to strong demand for residential construction supporting the area’s expanding affluent population.

Naples has recently witnessed a surge in tourist activity. Collier County reported a 2.4% increase in tourism in 2017 with nearly 3 million people visiting the beach-side destination annually.  Tourism contributes more than $1.5 billion to the local economy every year.

3 MI 5 MI 7 MI 10 MI
Population (2017)
60,469 126,830 174,272 247,809
Projected Population (2022)
62,763 134,658 186,716 267,070
Households (2017)
27,642 53,460 74,328 106,623
Average Household Income (2017)
69,757 86,976 92,304 97,823


Kings Lake Square is supported by an affluent population and surging local economy, which will help drive increased retail spending into the near future.

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