Centennial Center

Las Vegas, NV (MSA: Las Vegas, NV)

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Centennial Center is located in a densely populated suburb of northwest Las Vegas, known as Centennial Hills. The center is 9 miles from downtown and 11 miles from the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

The center is anchored by The Home Depot, Michaels, Ross, Party City, and Petco.

Redevelopments to the center in 2017 included the addition of covered eating areas, sidewalks, an enhanced stairway leading to an outdoor patio area, and a traffic signal. We also enhanced building façades, hardscaping and landscaping.

Site plan & available space

  • 012 4,039 SF
  • 014 3,757 SF
  • 017 1,015 SF
  • 025 1,238 SF
  • 041 2,731 SF
  • 066 23,225 SF

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Centennial Center is located in Centennial Hills, one of the fastest growing areas of Las Vegas. The area is currently experiencing strong population growth, which has facilitated a recent expansion in residential construction. Sky Canyon, a new 9,000-home community is under construction just 4 miles northwest of the property, and will have homes priced from $200k - $600k.

The city of Las Vegas has experienced a 73% increase in residency over the last 10 years bringing its current population to approximately 633,000 people. By the year 2020, the population is expected to increase to roughly 800,000 people.

3 MI 5 MI 7 MI 10 MI
Population (2017)
111,914 296,893 486,956 799,327
Projected Population (2022)
121,962 322,209 520,700 843,245
Households (2017)
39,961 108,158 176,601 284,279
Average Household Income (2017)
82,541 76,226 72,847 71,547


Centennial Center is supported by a local population with strong household incomes, and where a substantial percentage of households earn more than $75k per year.

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